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Admitted to having global ban 5 months ago. New Account

Guest PervasivePeach

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Guest PervasivePeach

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


I don't know if its still their. but its basically me admitting to hacking

Why the verdict is not fair:

Its not really unfair. I just have an explanation and such

Okay so a while ago i applied for DayzRP. only to remember that i was global banned on all arma games and i attempted to log in only to be kicked with the message "You have been globally banned". Simple explanation for that is

Friend comes over

downloads hacks

I'm banned... Im not asking you to believe this. I didn't ask battle eye also. so i got some money, made an alt, and moved on.

I understand

"If someone hacks once what stops them from hacking again"

I admited to hacking. Im not saying what i did is justified in anyway and you have no reason to believe me. For all you know i could be some little kid who's mad about what happened. I have around 140 hours in arma on my new account and i still haven't been banned. I believe that i am mature enough for this community and enough to admit to what i did wrong. But as Arma 3 life gets duller and such i think back to dayzrp and the hype i was getting from it. In heart i really wish i didn't make that mistake years ago

i wish i had not fucked up. or right now i would be playing at this moment.

And again. Im not asking you to trust me. but remember how the usual hacker acts when he's banned. What would he be saying right now. Would any usual hacker admit to hacking BEFORE he has even logged into the game. and then wait almost half a year to write an appele. I don't have much to go on. but i am asking you

I have an alt. I play A3L and I'm attempting to be a staff member in ArmaRPG

I have 0 warning points in A3L

I don't plan on getting banned again

and i don't plan on spending 60 dollars from my collage funds to go buy another account

I have a amazing friend group on Steam and a great group in A3L. I would lose everything if i was banned


Ive never had a ban appeal on me. The only one was some guy who said Blake Peach is an inappropriate because "Blake" is suppost to be a last name not a first name.

Im not forcing you. but theres not that much reason to not trust me

I have never been vac banned or trade banned and stuff. So please

Im asking you to give me a chance. to actually connect to a server and do something

I voluntarily got banned. Because i new what i did was wrong

but with 6 months I've made it. And I'm not planing on losing it

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I made my own ban request

The reason i was banned was because

i had logged into a game and gotten the kick message

I have talked to battle eye but of corse they are not going to do anything

here is my steam community


Send me a friend request if you ever want to play something like arma or anything

also if you want

Message any of my friends. Ask them about what i do and such. ask them if they think i would hack. They don't know about my global ban but go ahead

btw my closes friends are people like


Bang Bang

Chapo (But he probably won't friend you... or talk to you)


level 25 senpai

Dakelvin (old a3l gang leader)

the other people kinda know me but you can message them

So yea thanks for your time admin

please consider this. thanks!

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  • Emerald

Umm, we honor all global bans, and will likely never let anyone come into our community that admits to hacking.

Good luck elsewhere.

Appeal Denied.

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