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character introduction and feedback on back story

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My name is Marketh Kraft, I am a twenty-four year old adult white male weighing in at 150 lbs. Born in Branson Missouri i finished schooling and shortly after i was convinced

to study abroad in Russia for an internship in Business management. While there i learned skills in leadership, accounting and other business leading me to join a business in Russia before the shit

storm happened. Being the one with little gun training i used my skills i learned in school to trade gun lessons for putting my neck on the line for negotiations. After successful agreements i grew in the group

and no am the one called out to deal with new survivors. My rules include; Help where help is needed as long as service to the group is received, recruit any i can to the community, and to get whatever i can to

benefit the group.

(sorry for posting in wrong forum made new thread in lore if a mod passes by will you please delete this, can't delete myself sorry again and thanks in advance)

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  • Sapphire

Pretty brief and simple. What business did you have in Russia?

Also, I do believe this belongs in the lore and stories forum.

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