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i missed my chance

Guest bobman235

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Guest bobman235

when we were all playing dayzrp on the dayz mod I had an idea. we all remember were the fangs were up by the north east air field and how they had that huge ass Crain

. well when I made a new character I was planning to end the life of Johnathan shade by running back there and jumping off the top of it. committing suicide. just wanted to get that out there and ask. how will you end your character when you want to make a new one?
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suicide by pencil or scaring someone shitless with a sawed off shotgun and wolf mask seems like good candidates.

i'd rather be killed by someone else than killing myself. maybe get to know someone and start telling them stories of all the horrible things you've done.

or eating human flesh and stating you're friendly.

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I'm actually thinking about this. Not sure. I had the idea of killing off the character for good whenever he dies(be it in a gunfight, by zombies or dehydration). I'm not so sure how will i justify his resurrection from the dead and meeting new people after it.

Then again, making a new character and the whole backstory will be incredibly time consuming to do right, and given the nature of this game, i will die a lot.

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I'm hoping to end my characters life in a way that will impact my group. I want him to be remembered not only by my friends and clan mates but also by my enemies. I'm pretty sure though it will happen due to a glitch on the second story of piano house.

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Good question..

My character had his chance to end it when the Zs ate his wife alive before him, and after went to get his children upstairs. He had a gun pointing at himself, but couldn't do it. If that didn't put him over the edge, nothing's going to!

His gonna go down fightning the horde.

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moved to questions

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Hmm...not really a question more like a discussion, just going to mark this as solved but everyone is still free to post:)


And to answer your question, I already permadeathed one of my character, his name was James Kassidy and he took a machete to the throat after his attemp to confess his love for someone failed...

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