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It was a normal shitty day, spring storms bringing the misted rain and fog through. I got a call today, one I wasn't really expecting, my boss from the UN says I've been chosen for a new Assignment. Meet & Greet with the people I am going to be shacked up with for some kind of training session is in two weeks. Eight weeks with strangers, maybe I should have turned down this assignment. Running some errands, calling in some favors to try and figure out what this is all about.

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Journal entry #002

Turns out some old favours are worth their weight in gold. Found out today this new assignment "may or may not" have something to do with an outbreak somewhere named Chernogorsk. Going into an 8 week unspecified training session with 4 strangers for 8 weeks. the only other info i was able to scrounge up was that the budget for this little planned excursion was off the books. Seems like something heavier then the blips u get on the radar may be going on there. Checked the net, TV, sifted through news articles. Still dont know what i got myself into. Guess its just one of those things i gotta wait and see.

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