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Alt Account - Never

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

Me, RollinCoal, and sevengallagher are all different people and we are all related.

We all just set up our accounts at my house under me and my brothers i.p. Me and my brother (sevengallagher) has already talked to a moderator awhile ago that we are under the same house with the same i.p. and everything was fine. My cousin (RollinCoal) came over last week on vacation to visit family and stayed until today 1/29/15. I also don't want to forget but he has a computer back home with DayZ and such. He came over and I told him about DayZRP. Eventually when I finished with telling him all about it he wanted to sign up. So he did on my computer. He wrote the application himself and everything but then unfortunately got denied the first time and then submitted again sometime yesterday. After that me, my brother, and my cousin all got banned for alternate accounts. But we are all different people and we all have our own computers and we all want to play on DayZRP. But I guess we aren't suppose to all sign up under the same i.p. and my cousin should have waited. But I still think us getting banned is unfair

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Also RollinCoal wasn't the only cousin that came over and signed up. Another one of my cousins under the username Rjheger7 came over and signed up but he isnt banned and he wasn't accepted to be white listed so he gave up and doesn't really want to play DayZRP anymore and put in the effort to applying again. Just had to point that out there so there wasn't any confusion.

But going back to point, maybe early this week or late last week I got a PM from a moderator saying that we all had to go into TS and explain the Alt Accounts. I told him that we would later this week but more likely to talk to a admin or a moderator probably during the weekend since RollinCoal lives in Arizona and his computer is there, and me and my brother live in Minnesota. So I told him we all would during the weekend when my cousin would fly back home.

Also I read Rolle's thread about ban appeals before making this and it says some where about all the Alt Accounts have to make ban appeals to get unbanned as well. I think thats what it said but my question about that is do my brother and Rollincoal have to make ban appeals also to be unbanned or does this appeal count for them or not? Thanks.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

All three of us to be unbanned from the forums and me and my brother to be able to play on the servers again. Also we all got banned before my cousins application could be handled with so could you give him another chance to be white listed. He only got turned down once for something to do with the NLR.

What could you have done better?:

Probably explain ourselves to the moderator that PM'ed me right then and there in text and wait for the weekend to role around so we all could talk to a moderator/admin about it all in TS. Also talk to a admin if it is okay to sign up several accounts (4 accounts) under the same i.p. which now I know is not allowed and will not be repeated again by us.

Also since it says "Ban will be lifted: Never", does that mean that this appeal is irrelevant and I cannot ever get unbanned even if I do anything to try to fix it?

Sorry another quick note, when I try to join the dayzrp server(s) it doesn't say I am banned but it says "You're not whitelisted!" so is that a good thing since it doesn't say that I am banned at least?

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Hello rjjgallagher,

As per below which is the first paragraph on the whitelist page your accounts have been banned:


For this to be resolved we will require all of you to come on TS at the same time and speak to staff as requested in the PM to you before you were banned.

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Okay so we all have to go into TS to get unbanned? Also probably wont happen until tomorrow when everyone is free. And how will we get into contact with a administrator or even you yourself? Is there like an appointment kind of thing or just go in to TS and ask...

I forgot that tomorrow is Rolle's new apartment thing. Dang it. Later this weekend then. Do you know when the TS servers will be back up?

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I think you had enough time to come to Ts. Closed.

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