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Hello, my names Conor :)

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im looking forwards to playing on the RP Server!

heres my backstory for ingame, let me know what you think :)

My name is Conor, but my friends called me "Serpent", well... called me that anyway, im a former navy seals diver, i have a record of marksman accomplishments and awards for courage and bravery. When the apocalypse broke out me and a few friends were stationed outside of Russia for surveillance after we heard about the public and nuclear weapon testings, after that we lost contact with the main hub in the UK, we were on our own. The rest of us headed inland to the closest air field to try and contact the main hub back home, but when we reached it, everything was destroyed... just a few buildings remained and a few crash sites scattered. After that, things got worse.. people started disappearing and before i knew it, i was all that was left, i met some Russian soldiers at the coast near Chernogorsk who were stationed close to our port out at sea. The last time we went out on patrol i fell unconscious after being fired at by some scavengers in Elektro.. all i remember is im looking for my crew, but most of all.. im Surviving.

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Hello Conorsgaming/Conor/Serpent! Welcome to the community!

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