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Tree lands on a truck ... Stay IC!


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  • Sapphire

Yeah. That sucks. There goes a really good V3S. Super funny man! xD

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  • Emerald

That literally describes the luck you have in game

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Oddly that's not the strangest thing I've seen happen to/with a V3S.. I had one that nearly flipped just driving down a straight road (sadly I wasn't able to capture it). They also get pretty good air when driving across fields and crossing a road. I don't recommend it though, as you may not like what happens next.

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  • Emerald

10/10 would rp lumberjack again

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Guest Senna1337

Atleast you can learn from your Mistakes and never put a Truck next to a Tree -_- it actually is COMMON SENSE. but atleast we all had a good Laugh at that


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