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hello everyone! (dayrp newb)

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the main reason for me posting this is that i don't want my account deactivated.

how ever, i might as well take this opporutnity to introduce myself.

i'm arvid and i'm from sweden. i currently live and work in gothenbug.

i've been role playing for most of my life and i have been playing computer games since the early 90"s

bought dayz in early 2014 and have been having fun with it on and off since then.

as i'm sure most of you agree on, the biggest problem with the game (except for stability issues, mind you) is the shoot on sight-mentality.

most players don't seem to be enjoying the sand-box features and don't play for anything other than loot, which is a very sad thing indeed.

looking forward to a richer experience of this game with like minded people. feel free to send me a message or what ever. ;)

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  • Sapphire

You need to post somewhere else to activate your account, General discussion for example, find a topic that interests you and speak your mind.


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  • Sapphire

Hello Meffo/Arvid! Welcome to the community!

You're going to love it here. But yeah what Husky mentioned you need to post some where else other than there. Posts in the intro/farewell and offtopic forums don't count towards your 'post count'. I don't like how I put that.

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