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Strange voice

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*static as you tune between radio stations you hear an american voice almost covered by static you fiddle with the radio to get better sound until you get it just right when you hear the voice already talking*

"--onny dead mike dead tha- bitch who t-ok us here dead all fu-king dead i cant do it i -ust cant do it. fiv- bullets left and four of them things o-t there. in two seconds im...im go-na go out there just need t- splint my leg then op--"

*the voice cuts out and you get is static but from the static you hear*


*the last shot was not picked up. but then the voice comes out of the static clearer than ever*

i.... dealt with them one shot left i thought it would come to this i can hear voices and footsteps coming towards me i dont think i'll make it and i dont want to waste medical supplies or be a burden on any one. it doesn't matter i knew i would find my friends but not like this. MIKE IF YOUR THERE YOU BETTER HAVE A BEER WAITING FOR ME YOU SON OF A B^BANG^!

*you hear footsteps getting louder as voice says*

"Guys over here dead guy come quick"

"oh shit wait.. yo over there a radio get it"


"is it on"

"yeah its transmitting"

"well get it of-"

*the transmission cut out mid sentence then static falls almost deafening you turn off your radio*

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