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My Intro and WIP Backstory

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Thanks for stopping by and welcoming a newcomer!

My name is LtAscott,

My Character of the same name has a work-in-progress backstory of working for the UN previously as an "Emergency Stabilization Organizer." Recruited by an unnamed organization and rigorously trained in low resource survival, advanced squad tactics, strategic posturing, field medicine, and advanced evasion. I was chosen as the squad leader due to previous experience. There were 4 other team members including the pilot (fixed wing and rotary), armoured infantry specialist(and mechanic), communications specialist(and interpreter), and our Medic (more appropriately Navy Corpsman).

The mission that landed my character in Chernarus was the capture and exfiltration of high-priority medical personnel with a more robust understanding of the virus and effects.

The secondary mission parameter was to recover any and all attainable operational equipment the team was more familiar with.

Preliminary information and tests showed blood transfusions from viral resistant patients provided temporary immunization against contact and its effects.

As long as the donor blood was in the recipients system (One week real time, dying in-game resets the timer, otherwise I need to receive a blood transfusion in game or "succumb" to the infection), the virus would not make them sick. (For my roleplay purposes this is my "bend" of the lore that hopefully can be tolerated, if not let me know this is a WIP ;) )

During insertion, mechanical failure occurred, forcing a bailout.

I pulled my chute immediately after exiting the Blackhawk, hitting the water hard about 100 ft from the coast. With all my gear being packed and only an emergency survival vest and parachute during the insertion trip. I had to cut the chute when I hit the water, and ditched my vest (damaged anyways by shrapnel from rear rotor) and rifle to make it to the coast. I had thought I stuffed my sidearm into my pocket, but it turned out it had only been my flashlight. The rest of the teams' whereabouts or even their survival are currently unknown.

Like the story so far? want to join up and roleplay together?

Thanks for checking it out, I look forward to sending in my whitelist application, and thinking about doing a journal series to share in my adventures!

I would have used spoiler tags, but I don't know how.

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