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Hi all

I just wanted to ask a quick question.

I have recently started over since the reset and am in the process of acquiring new gear and I suddenly realized that I haven't changed my name or thought about a new backstory (I had decided that I wanted to start fresh). Is it possible to change my name and backstory even though I have already started again? I haven't met anyone yet so it wouldn't affect my RP really. Also would I have to write out a new backstory somewhere like I did in my whitelist application or can I just make it up and stick to it, with out actually having to detail it out on here?

Many thanks

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  • Sapphire

You can use the one you made in the application or you can make a new one. It's up to you.

From the FAQ

Q: Can I change my name/character from the one I described in my whitelist?

A: Players are completely free to change characters and/or names at will. Just remember that a new character will not possess any of the memories or knowledge of your previous characters.

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  • Emerald

/moving to questions

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  • Emerald

Hello Slugman

As stated in the FAQ (arma 2 aside) it is fine for you to change your name if you wish, along with your backstory. Your not required to share your backstory on the forum's but if you wished to do so feel free to post it here.

Do you feel your question has been answered with the above post's ?

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