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RP out of it

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What are some situations you find rough to RP out of. What are some other scenarios that you love to RP out of. For example, My character Mike Dugan is a meat head. I find it hard to bite my tongue sometimes when people give me lip. Other times I love speaking up because it makes Mike look less like a bitch. RPing in this server is so much fun. I can't wait to expand my horizon and do more voices and characters.

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  • Sapphire

When two or more people start having a heated discussion and then it gets really bad, I usually make my way somewhere the bullets won't hit me. If the people don't have any guns and only melee weapons I am a little more comfortable to speak up and tell the two to settle down and relax. I don't like being in between to guys with guns, because it only takes one stray bullet to kill you. :P

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