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The Last Words...


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  • Emerald

*You are walking though a small town dowm south, when the wind blows a piece of paper right next to you feet...it has some writing on it*

Today I believe I felt the emotion some identify as love. I was just sitting here under this tree and I began to think about the first few days when I met Layla...she seemed to understand me, even after I revealed to her my dark past...she didn't shun me away like the others did. When ever I was in her presence I felt different...I was confused and for a long time, I fought this feeling because it scared me...the first time I felt fear in a long time. This reaction to her intrigued me, made me want to "investigate" myself but I resisted. I read a few books I found about this...love, one being Romeo and Juliet by Shakesphere and it inspired me. Today I will confess my love for Layla and she will become my queen, she will be the light shining ever so brightly in the darkness that shrouds my mind. I will protect her, I will adore her...I will love her until the end of forever. Today will be a good day....

-Jame K. Kassidy

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  • Sapphire

Love story. There are few word mistakes, but this is good.

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