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Gus has always been an outcast, even as a kid. Didn't have any friends. Never talked to anyone. Even though the other kids thought he was weird, Gus never got bullied. In fact, everyone avoided him as much as possible. There was something frightening about him, something eerie. Gus was, in a way, very intimidating, without trying to be.

The only person in the world who could have a conversation with him was his much younger brother, Izaäk. With the departure of Izaäk, Gus disappeared. All of a sudden, he was gone. No one knew where he was, what he was doing or even if he was still alive. Not even his parents. Not that they knew much before Izaäk's departure, but at least they knew where he lived. At least they knew he was still alive...

Then, Izaäk disappeared as well. He had always kept sending messages. Until now. Izaäk being the only one Gus cared about, he immediately went to Chernarus to look for him. He knew his brother was dead. Nevertheless, he went. Everyone thought he was dead anyway.

((Izaäk died, and Gus is a character I wanted to do originally, but I needed some experience first. As you can see it's not a very extensive background, but I like it that way. Maybe you will meet him in Chernarus and find out more then.))

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