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Chronicles of Chernarus: Jakub of Gorka 'Cert'

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I have decided to move the majority of the lore based stuff regarding the group to it's own separate thread in this forum to save on space in the group thread and keep it related to IC/IG feedback rather than lore.

Anyway, without further ado.

Jakub Cert is a figure mentioned in Bohemia Interactive's Lore of Chernarus. Below are some extractions of the article 'Chernarus' on the BI wikia. I have taken into account the history of Chernarus and have tried to incorporate it into my group as per the text below. If any lore masters are not happy with my version of the early Chernarussian state, or fill that my timeline interferes with Lore, then please inform me.

I have provided an easy to understand summary of Medieval Chernarussian History. I have not changed too much of the historical lore but have worked upon it for days to make it sure it fits with BI lore and DayzRP SA lore.


Chernarussian History Summary Timeline:

11th Century A.D (1000-1099):

- The Kozlov Dynasty becomes the most powerful family in South-Western Chernarus. They subjugate the local tribes and consolidate their newly found Principate from the delta of the Burnaya River and along the coast east of the delta. They also manage to subjugate the coastal town of Primorsk and the islands Lyutyi and Moschnyi.

- The Kozlov Dynasty convert to Orthodox Christianity from their native Slavic Pagan religion. Monks from the Rurik court in Kiev, preach a new religion based around the teachings of "Jesus". The monks also bring a standard alphabet and script based on Old Slavonic to the region. This strengthens the ties between the early Russian state and Chernarussian state.



12th Century AD (1100-1199):

- The Kozlov Principate becomes larger, enveloping the land between the Burnaja and Svetlaya rivers, as well as further east, roughly upon the fringes of the modern South Zagoria borders.

- Nobles serving in the court of Kozlov are granted land rights and titled 'Dukes' as vassals to deal with local administrative issues. One of these newly anointed families are the Kozub Dynasty whom base their power-base near modern Kirovograd.

- Zelenogorsk is founded as a military outpost by a Chernarussian Duke, marking the most north eastern boundary of the Chernarussian State.

- Takmyrian (Takistani) Pirates begin their raids on the Chernarussian Coast, in response, a Kozlov Duke builds a warning post on top of the highest mountain on the South Zagorian coast. The locals living near the mountain name it after this duke, hence Pik Kozlova.


- A Rurik Prince from Novograd offers military and economic assistance to a Kozub Duke to campaign into Takmyrian lands to quell the rise in piracy within the Green Sea. This further strengthens the bond between the two states.

- Native Zagorians, concentrated mainly on the Eastern ridges of the Black Mountains rebel against their Moscow overlords. The rebellion spreads south over the Black Mountains, with small raiding parities sporadically assaulting and looting villages near the Chernarussian border.

- In response to the ever increasing Zagorian threat, Ivan Kozlov, a member of the Kozlov dynasty commissions the construction of a castle 7.5km north-east from the Zelenogorsk outpost, on top of a strategic hill. Ivan Kozlov dies within the castle from wounds inflicted by the Zagorians in battle. The castle is named Kozlova Castle in honor of his widow.


Early 13th Century AD (1200-1250):

- The Kozlov Principate falls into chaos after the last male Kozlov family member dies without an heir. A once strong state becomes a nation divided by individual agendas. A civil war ensures between the different dukes that lasts nearly half a century with no viable winner.

- The Zagorians, with their newly established state in the foot hills of the Eastern Black Mountains begin making raids directly into Chernarussian territory. The raids into South Zagoria are relatively successful due to the ongoing civil war.


- The Zagorians manage to destroy a considerable amount of watch-towers and fortresses along the Chernarussian border using advanced hit and run tactics learnt from the Mongols . The tactics prove useful against the isolated forts and thus, the fortress system developed by the Kozlov Dukes centuries before lays in tatters, inflicting a large morale blow on the Chernarussians.


- A Boyar of Zagorian nobility by the name 'Karzeg' commands large scale raids into South Zagoria with the intent of 'liberating' it from Chernarussian influence and returning it to Zagorian hands after the removal of the native Zagorian populace from the lands south of the Black Mountains by the Moscow Principate some 200 years ago.

- Kozlova Castle remains the only obstacle standing in the way of Karzeg's advance west into Chernarus, who is unable to break the will of the defenders after many attempted sieges. The western part of the Black Mountains prove to be too hard to transverse given the rough terrain, especially in winter.

Late 13th Century AD (1250-1300):

- Jakub of Gorka, a Yeoman (attendant in a noble household) of the Kozub dynasty is tasked to quell increasing numbers of coastal raids by Takmyrian pirates taking advantage of the crisis in Chernarus. Jakub's brutal but effective torture tactics and prowess in battle give rise and fame to his name among his contemporaries.

- Jakub of Gorka is tasked by Taras Kozub to quell a local insurgency on the island of Utes. Jakub's experience with marine and ground warfare makes him perfectly suited for the task. He leaves dozens of the rebellion impaled on iron pikes on the beaches of Utes. Jakub burns all but one village on the island as he sails away. This event gives rise to his pseudonym, 'Čert'.


- A member of the Kozub dynasty, Taras Kozub, is able to end the civil war through negotiations and military backing. He convinces to the Chernarussian Dukes to unite and fight against the Zagorian threat as one - for each of them would be responsible for the Chernarussian state's demise if it was to be conquered by foreigners.

- Taras Kozub is granted the title of 'High Duke' of Chernarus for re-uniting Chernarus. The Kozub dynasty will continue to rule Chernarus independently for nearly four hundred years before the incorporation of Chernarus into the Russian Empire in 1631.

- A Zagorian by the name, Ataman Simurg gains a solid reputation within the ranks of the Zagorian nobility. He is taken under the wing of Boyar Karzeg.

- Jakub 'Cert' of Gorka, is granted the The Barony of Kozlova Castle by Taras Kozub for recognition of loyalty and fighting in field of battle. Jakub is tasked by Taras Kozub to send the Zagorians back over the Black Mountains. Jakub is nothing short of ruthless to the Zagorians.


- Jakub 'Cert' of Gorka develops a dark reputation not just by the Zagorians, but even by natives living in close proximity to his castle. The village located west of the castle is named 'Gvozdno' (English: Nail) by locals due to a large scale cruxification event behest by Jakub on suspicion that villagers were spying for the Zagorians. The Kozlova Castle is now regarded as 'Devils Castle' by the locals.

- Jakub's victories on field and night raids against the Zagorians bring large amounts of spice, silk and incense to his fortune. Through his personal stewards and merchants, he is able to make a considerable profit from his raids. The money is used to upgrade the castle's defenses and walls, increasing the number of towers on the wall to at least four if not more. The central keep is considerably enlarged with thicker walls and an increase in living space. Two stone towers are constructed to supplement the main keep as a dungeon and living space for loyal servants.


- Boyar Karzeg makes a blood pact among the Zagorian nobility to bring down the devil 'Jakub' and destroy his castle.

- Jakub attempts to reason with the Zagorian Leadership in negotiations. Jakub invites 'Karzeg' to a meeting by Guba Bay but negotiations go sour after a confusing skirmish occurs between the two parities.

- Jakub Cert is not seen by castle dwellers for at least two weeks. His men are growing anxious of his safety. He was last seen walking north into the woods.

- Jakub returns some-what different, but no one can quite tell why or how.

- Jakub marries Madelina, daughter of a local Chernarussian duke. They produce only one known child, Artur.

- Rumours are sparked when the local priest, Adam, is found dead, lying inside the church located north of Gvozdno. When the local physician inspects the body, he notices that the priest is drained of any blood.


- Boyar Karzeg prepares a massive force of Zagorians and Steppe peoples for a final siege upon 'Certuv Hradek' (Devils Castle). He puts Ataman Simurg in charge of the large army after Simurg's return to Zagoria from fighting the Rus with the Mongols. The Zagorian nobility think Karzeg a fool for attempting to march in Winter - but Karzeg presses on.


- Simurg marches down the Eastern ridge of Black Mountain and burns and pillages everything in his path en-route to the castle.

- Devils Castle is besieged for nine days by siege equipment. Any attempt to assault the walls is useless. The use of trebuchet proves useful as rocks are hurled at the walls. On the ninth day, the walls are totally battered and crumbling. The Zagorian army attempts to breach the castle the walls, but before they can, the castle is lit up in a hurricane of fire and burns to the ground over, killing everyone but a few, including Ataman Simurg. The fire lasts two whole days before the snow eventually coagulates it out.


BI Studio Wikia: Chernarus

^ Highly recommended read if you wish to understand the group lore regarding Jakub Cert




Winter - 1294

*The bitter cold winter winds sweep across the South Zagorian Highlands. The smell of the winter air, accustomed of pinewood - now scent of rotting animal carcasses, flints of burning ember and dust flowing through the valley. A cold sudden chill is abruptly felt by all inside the walls of the castle that sits atop the highest peak west of Gvozdno. The castle towers over the canopy of the once lush forest surrounding it - now recently chopped down for defenses for the castle. The sound of marching soldiers, trotting cavalry and squeaking siege euipment can be heard from the battlements on the walls of the castle in the far off distance - followed by the sounds of screaming men, women and children*

Jakub Cert protects himself firmly within his Keep, pacing himself in front of a luxurious chair, surrounded by candles and illustrious paintings hung on the walls.

"Sire! Would it be possible we could make a deal with the Zagorians! My scouts report at least some 2000 infantry and 1000 cavalry! They have brought some of the finest horse archers from the East and siege equipment that looks more advanced in design. We don't have the men nor the defenses to withhold suc---" the Man-At-Arms proclaims with great distress.

"Save your breathe" Jakub exclaims quickly. "I know this. I've known it for quite some time. He told me that bad things would happen. I just didn't think they would attack now." Jakub says and his head bellows.

*A brief silence fills the room in the Keep - only the sound of rumbling and roars coming from the outside as the garrison prepares*.

*Sigh* "Tell me. Do we know who leads the siege?" Jakub questions as he sits down on his char, a fist in one hand placed under and his chin, the other hand resting on the rest.

"We have reason to believe the leader of the advancing rebel army is led by a man by the name, Ataman Simurg, Sire. According to spymaster Miroslav, he was awarded title as 'Marshal' of the Rebellion by no other than The Zagorian Leader himself, Karzeg .. Sire".

Jakub grinds his teeth in anger, throwing his fist towards the ground. "Karzeg - I knew I should of dealt with him and his family when I had the chance by the Bay of Guba!" Jakub exclaims!

Suddenly, Jakub face turns dry and pale white, as if the snow sitting on top of the keep had fallen on his face. "Family?!!? My Son! Artur! Is he safe as instructed!?".

"Sire, your son is in safe hands. He is with trusted family in Gorka - carried out approximately sunrise this morning by my best men after we received reports of the marching rebel army." The Man-At-Arms says in reply with a content, calm expression.

"Very well Czcibor - you have done well these last few months throughout this campaign. I am sure Artor will be safe away from these men. Come the day he will take back to his rightful place here when this is all over and when he is old enough, he will one day inherit what I left behind". Lukash says in a low tone.

"However, let us think to the present, friend. This rebellion may or may not succeed in this life-time but - mark my words Czcibor - We will rid the Zagorians from these lands and I will drive my sword through the bastard Karzeg as I should of done a long time ago". Jakub smirks evilly upon the promise.

However, smile is turned to frown upon looking out the window of the keep. The grey clouds over-shadowing the land, grey coloured snow starting to fall heavily. Jakub notices in the distance through the window of the keep, fires burning and enveloping smoke in the distance.

"The many terrible things people have accused me of - but you must understand - I am no Devil! I did it for the best of my people. For the best of my nation. To feed them, to clothe them, to show them that they deserve the best. I was entrusted with this castle and I must do as I must, not just as a man but -!" Jakub says with hands rested on his face whilst sitting.

"Sire - I have served my entire lifetime by your side since our incursions in Takymr terrirtory. You need not to explain to me - you did the best you could for these people." Czcibor says as he knells down toward Jakub.

"Yet I should of done more - it ... - it should not ended like this - not now". Jakub says with great remorse.

A messenger from the outside opens the door. The grey haze seen outside from within the Keep - only slightly lighting the dark candle-lit room. He greets his Lord silently, bowing his head and forming right hand to first upon heart. He then proceeds to whisper into Czcibor's ear.

"There is still time for negotiations Sire - Zagorian banners can be seen from the battlements about one acre away - only a small group of them". Czcibor says. With that - a single tear coming from Jakub's eye, he lifts his head and stares into Czcibor's eyes and nods in agreement.*


Jakub exits the keep through a set of large wooden doors and quickly moves his way through the corridors and down steps, with Czcibor following behind. He moves in-between preparing troops, hoisting their belts, preparing their armour and tightening their crossbow strings - whom all stop to see their Lord as he walks past. Jakub collects his horse and helmet from the drinking well just outside the gatehouse and orders the gate keeper to raise the gates.

Jakub rides forward with Czcibor, with a small entourage of crossbow men, banner men and swordsmen following behind. From the woods - multiple banners - bearing the name of the Zagorian Rebellion appear from the mist. A contingent of Zagorian troops make their way from the remaining forest toward the castle. The troops are following a huge man on top of a yellow coloured Steppe horse, his body worn in chain mail. His dark beard fist thick from the jawline. His eyes, dark and with purpose. The two groups stop halfway from the castle and forest and look at each other in contempt.

"We finally meet Simurg." Jakub says as lifts the visor on his helmet. "Save me the talk Devil - I've been given orders to take this castle or raze it to the ground from Boyar Karzeg - either choice - is up to you" Simurg says with a grunt.

"You can try and take this castle. But l'll burn down this castle from the stone down to the mortar with all my power before you even attempt to step foot within it and when I do burn it to the ground - I will become even more powerful that you can possibly imagine." Jakub warns in content.

"Don't fool me with your tricks Devil, your raids to the North have already left stories upon the tongue of lord and peasant alike! Jakub of Gorka! Driving foot in ground and leaving a path of destruction behind, carrying bountiful riches lavished in blood from lands back to this cave atop the hill! You will fall, just as Ivan before you did, when he attempted to face us" Simurg says in great rage.

"I know not of Ivan except the castle he built here, and that I have improved over time. I will do as I must for my people - as you do for your own Zagorian. It's your move from here. I have my motive. You have your orders. Beware the 9th day but never forget the 11th day". Jakub says mysteriously.

And with that, both parities split to their respective posts. Jakub returns to the keep, and whispers to himself whilst observing the enemy force from on top of the keep with sword raised high in the air. "Karzeg - I promise to come back by the blood of my ancestors and my future generations whom, whereby I will finish off you and your ancestors from this world". Jakub looks on and is filled with loss within what is his heart. "It will be an eternity here before I shall see you again Madelina, my dearest, my love. I promise I will watch over our son as he grows up. I love you".

The order to commence the siege is set by loud trumpets. Rocks are hurled at walls of the castle by catapult for a whole three days. By the second day, cracks begin to appear in the outer walls of the castle. By the ninth day, several breaches are successfully made on all sides of the wall. The Zagorian infantry run in the masses followed by the cavalry - but just at the moment of the Zagorians breaching upon the walls...

A blast of fire erupts from the center of the castle from over the top of the partially damaged keep. The fire spreads like the wind, enveloping the whole perimeter of the wall like a hurricane, burning everything it comes into contact with as it moves outwards from the keep. With that, Simurg watches as his men are burned to their dire bone, the yells and screaming of horses even setting Simurg's horse in a fright, knocking him off to the ground.

Simurg gets up and watches in despair and shock before his very eyes as the Devil's Castle burns - his eyes light up in a sense of realization. All that was beholding was just the way Jakub had said it would eleven days ago. 'Never forget the eleventh day'... Just the way Jakub explained it. There was no way that such amount of fire and destruction could be made humanly possible. Maybe the rumors were more than just rumors .. Jakub Cert. The Butcher of Utes? Jakub the Devil... Simurg rides east with what men are left with him to tell Karzeg of what had just unfolded at Devils Castle.


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