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Hi staff & members ,

I am player Dayz127 & I've been accepted & added to the whitelist , when i try to join one of DayZRP servers i always keep getting kicked & notified to go to DayZRP to be whitelisted while I'm already whitelisted !!! please help !!!

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Perhaps you should have posted this in questions. Anyhow, are you certain that your GUID or PID that you submitted for whitelist are correct? If either is this case, look no further.

If you need help checking your GUID, look here.

If you need help checking your SteamID, look here.

Just a few suggestions, maybe there is a deeper issue. Lemme know how it goes!

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  • Sapphire

Are you using a first and last name for your character? You're not using 'Player Dayz127' as a name are you? Because, you will get kicked for that.

If not, then it is what TheEzio1459 is suggesting.

Next time you have a question, post them in the questions forum : http://www.dayzrp.com/f-questions

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So did you initially put in an incorrect PID in your whitelist application, or did the Steam converter appear to make a mistake in finding your account? If it's the latter, perhaps you should try once more and make sure every character is correct while inputting your name or whatever it asks for.

Try this link after doing the above and see if it still makes a mistake, if that is the case.

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