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Account gone?


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It says I am not white listed any more so I made this new account to ask someone is there anyway I can retrieve my old one or is it gone permanently. I had activated my account properly I think and also I had posted on the forums at least once within 30 days. Anybody help me.

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  • Sapphire

It's gone. You have to re apply.

Your account got pruned.

Q: My account is gone, I can not log in and I can no longer recover password as it does not recognize my email address!

A: Your account was most likely deleted because you haven't activated it properly. Please read the welcome PM you receive when you register for instructions on how to fully activate it. Donor accounts do not have to complete this procedure and will never be deleted.

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  • Sapphire

Im not sure I did so that might be the problem

Well, you have this account activated...

Also, for future questions, please post them on the questions forum.

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  • Legend

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