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hi im new

Guest bravemoon

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  • Sapphire

Hello Bravemoon! Welcome to the community!

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Hey Bravemoon, good luck in getting in, it is a lot of fun. So have any RP experience from before? Have you been playing DayZ for a while? Give us some intel.

Since your one of the few who waited to submit your application, here are some tips to help you out for your application:

  1. Look through all of the "application rejected" threads in the questions section of the forums to not fall victim to the little things that people fail for.
  2. Read up on some posts in the report discussion section to get a handle on some contentious issues that can get you into a little bit of trouble, like not RP'ing properly, or what to do when initiated on/or/initiating on someone. Try and focus on NVFL, NLR, Meta-gaming, power-gaming, and badRP. Also, don't be afraid to post if you wish to ask questions about the incident, but you will be required to remain on topic in a very serious way, and don't post after it has gone formal if you weren't involved in the incident.
  3. The lore and literature section is great to read some incredible literature, and some people have posted their back story on there as well to try and get some feedback on it if you are up for posting yours.
  4. And of course the guides and tutorials section does what it do...
  5. Also, your background will need to follow this so make sure to read up on it!

It is a great community, and try and be active on the forums, there are some great posts, and we could always use more.

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