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Chuck Ringsaw

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"Chuck Ringsaw" His name tag read as he sluggishly rings people out of the grocery store.

The last customer in his line leaves. "I hate this job..."

His shift ends and he makes his mile walk home.

"I hate this place" He mutters to himself

24 single and living alone, in a 2 room apartment. No kitchen, just a microwave, a table with two chairs, and a minfridge; a bathroom in the first room, and another room which holds his bed and a TV.

He was a hermit of sorts, never socialised. Always picked on growing up.

One day on his walk home from work, passing by the towns harbor, a grizzled looking man approaches him with a friendly smile being sorrounded with a santa clause like beard.

"Hey kid, ever thought of fishing?" he asked in a raspy smokers voice. "I just got my hands on a fine boat and I'm looking to start a business and get a crew together"

Chuck's mind lit up like a christmas tree.

Being out on the sea, with a handful of other people. away from this life in town. This was his moment to maybe make a life for him self.

"After all fisherman make a good amount of money right?" He thought to himself.

"What's your name sir?" He asked hastely forgetting they havent properly introduced themselves

"Ahhhh, how foolish of me" He say's in a bellowed laugh.

"My name is Eic Bulderash" The old man proclaims.

"But, if your going to be a part of my crew, you'll have to call me Captain B."

Extatic Chuck introduces himself "I'm Chuck. Chuck Ringsaw, Captain B"

"Aye lad what a fine name, so you'll be joining me?" The old man ask's as he lights up a cigarette

"Absolutely sir" A smile still holding onto his face as if it were a monkey holding onto a banana

"Great! Meet me back here tomorrow before the sun rises"

Chuck look at his watch "Its already a few hours before midnight!"

The old man chuckles and says "Well then, you better get running and get some sleep, I have 3 other men joining us on tomorrows trip. They'll be your crew mates."

The next few months blew Chucks mind away. He felt free. He felt Alive. Becoming almost family with everyone on board. Until one fatal weather error came around...

The crew had sailed out to the middle of a hurricane. Before the blink of an eye the ship was swallowed in a tidal wave, cruching everyone on board.... Except Chuck....

He managed to escape death....

Knocked on concious, he floated around on a piece of the ships debri, until, 18 hours later. De hydrated, Stomache growing louder then a tiger. Sand crushes against his face.

It's warm. the sunburn on his face hisses and he screams in a panic.

"Where am I?" his eyes trying to moisten them selves to clear his vision. The 18 hour salt water bath taking its tole, barely able to walk he passes out.

((this is my last RP char then I'm going to give my first character "Ranom Hero" amnesia every time he dies.))

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