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Rap Battle?


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Hey guys,

I love rap/ hip hop.

I was thinking of starting a thread where fellow lovers of this genre post down their rhymes and bars. Im not sure if you are allowed to curse/swear or use profanity. Just refer to forum rules about that. But yeah, post some replies bellow :D

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  • Sapphire

I eat a banana in a split, goin' do what I want, don't give a shit. I asked for some money, I am so poor, I begged for more. The cops come around and lock me up and slam the door. Nope, nobody give a fuck, about you if you are poor and dying, they keep telling themselves all these lies. The poor are the bad, the rich are the good, but they don't know that the banana is a fucking liar, he keeps moving himself higher. That's why I am going to shot that yellow motha fucking in the peelings!

I don't know what I am doing.... I don't even know if this is correct... lol!

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Lol good job guys haha ;) I'll post mine soon enough haha

Powering through the field plowing my plantation full of small eyed weed patrons who can't see nothing but hallucinations. Good trips bad trips, all my trips are rad bitch they will need to call a holy communion. Going Greece, gunna spend so much money they can pay back the European Union

I won't stop don't think I'm even human.

All my achievements, I don't need to mention are proven. Got so many followers, I might start a movement. Don't give a fuck, I'm young still a student. When I come round I fuck up your institution. You want a good life? Il break you and your New Years resolution!

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