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Post Your Raifu


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Post that special rifle that you love.

I'm just gonna have to quote yours, because I absolutely love my M.N. Of course the thing bucks like a mule, but my god its great.

However, to follow up here is my second favorite, with a big 'ol scope on top.


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  • Sapphire

M1 Carbine. I love that! This caliber is so much fun! (7,62 x 33)


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SR-25 (Mk11 and M110). I pretty much exclusively use it in BF4.

Semi-auto magazine-fed 7.62 precision rifles are a thing of beauty. Even in the vanilla mod I used the DMR because it was as close as I could get to a SR-25.

Here's the way I would set it up if I owned one (i.e. I had $10,000 USD to spend):


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  • Diamond

Maybe Mosin-Chan will notice me if I her rub her down with cosmoline..

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