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My First Back Story

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It's kind of my first one, so please I want your opinions, suggestions, feel free to critizise.

It went in details, but ended up being shortened up :)

"I'm am an Ex-Military (24), i'm was on a break at the time, was really quick promoted to Sargeant, had my own squad, after a succesful operation in Tajikistan, during which i was hit, i got a so called vacation, so me and my Girlfriend, we decided to go to Chernarus... So I drove to this country, because it was known to be well one of the most calm places there since the war was over. As we were driving we didn't notice that there weren't any cars in the highway, cause we suspected it because of the poor economics in the country. As I drove, i saw my Girlfriend (Mandy) sleeping like an angel, and got distracted. Suddenly we hit something and there was blood all over the wind shield. Mandy Screamt and she was full with fear, I my self was shocked but reacted quick and got out of the car to check it out. As I suspected the body was dead, but when i got close to it I heard breathing, so i crouched and got closer to take a look, but then I felt the smell and saw the guys skins beeing grayish and his head having a hole. Suddenly it jumps and grabed my leg, I quickly pushed him away, but from there it was an it. I quickly got into the car, and started pushing the pedal down to full speed. I was driving pretty quick, producing enough sound to attrack more of these things (Zombies) and so as driving through Kamenka a nother one of those things jumped out, and I could not handle the car and we flipped. We quickly woke up, i got out of the car and took my pistol, but my shoulder felt tragic (Where I was hit), so i told Mandy to get out, but she told be she couldn't walk, her leg was painful, so I carried her. We were surviving for two weeks until she passed away. Before she passed away she told me " Survive.. And escape..." I remembered those words, and to this day I wander Chernaruss, looking for people to help, and trying to find a way, of this place... I promised my hand won't kill an innocent man, won't attempt to cause chaos, and will help anyone in need... After all i came here to find my long lost Cousin Fisherman."

So yea this is my backstory, I know many use the ex-military stuff, but since I attend in a realism unit, I preffered it :)

Thankyou for your time, and opinions

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