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any hotspots?


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  • Emerald

so i just started playing on the EU server after 2 hours of play i didnt find anyone on a full 50 player server so i was just wondering are there hotspots where people meet?

It is best just to find this out IC, trust me traveling the map and finding them is more fun. Advice, don't stick to the coast head inland to smaller towns, maybe some of the airfields perhaps...

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Everyone is probably going to tell you to find out in-game honestly. But I imagine every starting character would have heard about Green Mountain by now. Just watch out, that place is a crap-shoot half the time. I also hear now and again about people up North, but it never says where.

For the first month or so, I ran into two people on mostly full servers, but could never really find anyone. My suggestion is stick along the coast in a bigger town, and try to interact with anyone that pops by, learn from them in character where people tend to hang out.

Also the reason that people suggest finding out in game is because of the banditry problem. A lot of places are usually on the move because once people find out about a gathering spot, people hope to prey on the people there.

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Guest Doug Quade

I would personally take the advice given here. Half the fun is finding these places in game. Yes I am aware of what some of the hot spots are, but I am letting my IC go where the RP takes him. I usually ask people, if there is any sanctuary or trading post nearby, and then take it from there. Going straight to the hotspots found in the forums would just ruin it for me.

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  • Emerald

Alright going to mark this as solved as these answers seem sufficient enough for the question presented


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