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Favorite thing about DayZ?

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Hey Guys, A7X Uncle Jimmy here, i was wondering what your favorite thing about DayZ, or moreso what do you like doing the most on DayZ. for instance, one of my favorite things is to go around on DayZ and just completely mess around as a freshspawn, if any of you play normal DayZ on servers other than the RP server, i would love to know what you do!

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Honestly, for me it is exploring. One of my favorite aspects in every video game I play, especially large open worlds is to explore every part of the map I possibly can. With the size of Chernarus, and the man different and original locations, I have the time of my life just wandering around.

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Guest Doug Quade

I love the exploring aspect as well. There is also the thrill of meeting new people. I have to admit that I am still working on getting rid of my PUB server PTSD , but this place has been fun so far. I am really hoping to run into some of the veteran RP players, as a few of the members I have encountered so far, when I try to RP with them, they just say "later" and run off. Seems people are a bit shy when it comes to RP ? Not sure, but I have confidence that I will find my place here.

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Listening to the final screams of your victim as you spray into him with an AKM for trying to kill you in the first place. Then carving his body up, cooking it, and then feeding it to someone else. Then seeing the look on their face when they realize its human meat.

Its all about the experiences :P

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  • Titanium

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Hey! Im new to the forum but I thought I'd reply and say that my favourite thing about day z is exploring and trying to mimic real survival situations. Its also fun to meet up with people along the way.

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I would have to say, that the freeroaming aspect of the game really speaks to me. I've always enjoyed games like that. Just chilling, looting a house here and there, getting lost in a forest, making a fire etc.

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  • Sapphire

MMO! Zombies! RPG! These are my favorite things about it! Perfect blend!

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  • Emerald

That we are watching a great game being built from the ground up. Not only that, we are part of that development through our play and feedback. I have seen lots of improvements in the time I have been playing and am excited for the future of this game.

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Guest bobbyv1014

The way you can choose to play however you want. I'm a survivalist but sometimes o like to change my style of play. This way the game never gets old for me.

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