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[Video] Hazmat Corporation - Peach Killer


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Crocc and Zino come up with a plan to try and reconcile a new friend of theirs with The Inmates, but things take a turn for the worse. This is definitely something they won't forget any time soon.



Hey guys, if you actually watched this, thank you! I'd appreciate some feedback, I'm pretty new to the editing thing. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Event Master

Was wondering if this would ever pop up, my first encounter with the Family.

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For being new to editing, that was pretty well made, and definitely interesting to watch, i'll be looking forward to seeing more content from you. If i get in maybe i'll even see you in game some day. Seeing situations like this really gets me excited for this server.

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  • Emerald

Very entertaining video and you and your friends roleplay was very good, ya should visit our store sometime *hint hint* ;)

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