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Server 3 Features


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I wanted to know more about server 3 to see if it might be better for me to play there since server 2 is usually full during my game times. I did a search of the forums and found a post from Rolle describing some of the features that would be or may be included on server 3. These included 1st person view, tougher zombies, and other things that may be added down the line.

I read through the posts, however that topic is pretty old. Last post was in June of 2014.

Perhaps I missed it, but is there anywhere that confirms what the current features are on Server 3? I don't mind 1st person, but the tougher zombies and darker night scare me a little since I am still relatively new to the game.

Also if any of you regularly play on S3, what are the peak times? When I am on there are usually only about 10 on the server and I would imagine it could be hard for me to find anyone to RP with.

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  • El Presidente

I think you found a post about the old S3 - running DayZ mod. Check the post dates.

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  • Titanium

That thread was about mod server 3. SA server 3 only has first person. Me and alot of other guys play on it all the time and you can find good RP in there. Some times its full also. But rarely.


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