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characters background.

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Guest SniperSsz

hello, this is my first story for dayzrp. i'm dutch so I had trouble writing it, just so you know :P

i just wanna hear what y'all think of it :)

Hello, my name? you have probably heard it on the news already. Mark. Mark White. you know.. that murderer...

I just wanted revenge for what he did, altough I tought he did. I tought he killed my dad because my dad slept with his wife.

When the police arrested me they said he was not the husband of the woman my dad slept with. so he wasn't the killer.

for my murder i needed to go to a stricter prison than here in texas. I was waiting a while in the prison in texas.

after a while they came to me and they said I needed to go to a prison in chernaurus. when I heard that I was quiet for a while

and after a few minutes I began to crie. yes, a man of 26 who cried like a baby.. I begged them not to send me to chernaurus

because chernaurus is known for their brutal prisons. but the police didn't listen.

they sent me to chernaurus. to a place called green mountain.

in green mountain I lay in a jail with one other prisoner. after three months some sort of virus broke out. I heard everyone was in panic.

when they came to my jail I thought they were going to set me free. because I would die in that prison with the virus spreading over chernaurus.

but they weren't going to set me free. they dragged me into a truck and we drove for a long time north.

we ended at a military base were they tested vaccins on all the prisoners in whole chernaurus. I saw much prisoners die those days.

and it was a terrible time. when it was my turn. they lead me to a room with a lot of sleeping prisoners.

when I lay down on some sort of medical table. a few doctors came at me with a needle. suddenly the prisoner next to me woke up and bit one of the doctors.

everyone began to panic and everyone tried to run away. but most of them died. or they didn't die. they turned into those.. those walkers..

I was lucky enough to survive.

I ran to the cost to search for help but when I was just at the cost I began to feel nausious and I became unconscious.

Now i'm going to gear up and try to find other players. i'm lucky enough I was at the police so I can handle a weapon.

I will try to find a vaccin and try to safe the world. but most importantly I try to stay alive...

in my application i made some changes..

can somebody please respond?

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