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Question about KOS rule


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I want to ask the veterans a question. I will give you an example. I am in a building looking for food, and outside I here someone being robbed, and its 100% obvious this is a bandit situation. The victim does not comply or runs and is gunned down, keep in mind I see this. I am within 500 meters of the event, however the rule states two conditions must exist, the other being I must be one of the parties involved. If in roleplaying I am the type of person that would intervene does my proximity and overwhelming evidence of the crime make me an involved party. If so can I take action and use deadly force or do I have to attempt to make contact first.

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  • Diamond

You need to make contact first otherwise it is a straight up KOS. We used to have a rule called *Good samaritan* which would grant you KOS rights on the robber if you see him robbing a person. This rule was removed a while ago because it never worked as intended. Instead of balancing the server - giving civilians and heroes some kind of edge over bandits - it only lead to mis-IDs and disputes over hostages safeties.

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  • Emerald

In order to share kos rights you would have to meet both of these requirements as stated in the rules here:

You may only share KoS rights when you meet both of the following conditions:

You are within 500 meters of the hostile situation at the time of occurrence

You were recently apart of the involved parties group.

If you don't meet both of these requirements, you would have to initiate on the bandits. For example, "Drop you fucking weapons now or I'll blow your heads off!" If they comply you can't hurt them, but the person they were robbing has full kos rights on them and can kill them legitly. But if the bandits decide not to comply to your orders then by all means blow their brains out:)

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  • Sapphire

/moved to questions

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I would firmly state that you intend to shoot them, if they do not comply. This would give them KOS on you, but it is also an initiation.

If they comply you cannot harm them however. If they don't then you may be a bit screwed because of NVFL. If there is one of you and a few of them, they can argue that you wouldn't have interfered. None the less, if you do try this, record it, follow the rules of banditry, and you should be safe. I would suggest role-playing it out over shooting however. If they don't see you and you can intimidate them, it would be a great way to make a new friend if you save the person, and make a great role-playing adventure/ story.

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  • Emerald

Going to mark this as solved as the answers above are sufficient enough to answer you questions...


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