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i got a question about the servers.

i sended my whitelist thing but i wondered if i get in is the password the same for all servers? because i think i submitted my whitelist brief to the german one(if thats even a thing) but thats becouse i live next to germany but i dont speak german.

if so can you give me the password for the UK srver(if i get in)

thanks for reading and a responds

greetings, Rayman267

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  • Diamond

The password you will get is universal for all of our servers.

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And all servers are english. They just have diffrent locations to fit the connections of this community. Of course people from America will play on the server with the better ping for them if thats a problem for them.

And as Mellstrom said, the password is the same :D

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  • Titanium

http://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist This is where you find the password. And all the servers have same passsword.


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