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My first ever story.

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My first back story, feel free to comment and criticize.

Morgan was normal, medium class sailor, which has been working in USA Shipment company, which was transporting goods all over the world. He had a ten year old daughter and a wife, a loving family, and he was proud of it.

One day, Morgan was sent off to a mysterious Chernarus region, to deliver a bunch of Ushanka's and Raincoats. It was new region to Morgan, because he has never heard it before in his 5 years of sailing experience, so he was worried a bit....

Morgan and the ship with the crew should have been somewhere near the Chernarus that cold and stormy night, but the visibility was so low, that all his crew felt like in a dark waters, it seemed like they were in the heart of the darkness, and then, a big bump, and ship was starting to drown, Morgan, as a captain of the ship, tried to take control of his crew, but it was too late, everyone were in big panic and started jumping in cold water, cuz there were no lifeboats already, it was gone. Morgan also tried calling out Help via Radio, but all he heard was stray interference jam...

He lost the hope, and he jumped out in the cold water, because he had no choice, the ship was nearly sunken. In the cold water, he saw a vision of his family, on a camp trip. Morgan Smiled, and then fell asleep....

Next Morning, He woke up on a island, he was in deep depression, but lightly happy that he is alive, he stood up, and decided going around the island.

He came across a village with no name, it had a harbor, but the city was empty. Nothing. He came closer to the harbor and saw a bigger city on the other side of the Strait. He took a small wooden boat and started rowing it......


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