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Questions about my ban.

Guest HuckleBerry

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Guest HuckleBerry

Okay so I tried logging into DayZrp today & I got a message saying "Kicked for not being White listed" so i checked my profile online to see if maybe something has gone wrong & I've been greeted with message saying "Your forum account is currently banned, ban reason: Inappropriate role play" This is the first time I've heard of anything like this, I've never had any complaints filled out ageist me, I've always stuck to the guide lines also. I hoped into Team speak and I was told maybe its chatlog but the only time I've used that is when speaking to friends.. So ultimately I'd just like to know why its became a permanent ban and not like a temp or warning.

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Please use the correct format:

[color=#FFA500][b]Link to the source of punishment (report/post):[/b][/color]

[color=#FFA500][b]Why the verdict is not fair:[/b][/color]

[color=#FFA500][b]Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:[/b][/color]

[color=#FFA500][b]What would you like to achieve with this appeal:[/b][/color]

[color=#FFA500][b]What could you have done better?:[/b][/color]

Use this format or your ban appeal will be ignored.

Thank you.

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Guest HuckleBerry

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

None as apparently I was banned due to chat-logs there was no report against me

Why the verdict is not fair:

I was not aware of any situation IG or OOC that couldve led to this and with having no kind of warning or even a link to whats went on I cant really answer this properly to my understanding I've followed all guidelines.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Dont really have a POV as I have no idea whats happened.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Unbanned and maybe enlighten me to what has actually happened? If something has gone on maybe at least I can look at what I've apparently done to learn and move forward.

What could you have done better?:

No Clue as don't even know what I did wrong

ignored whats above as i now know what ive done to be banned

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Here is a selection of the chat logs including the main parts for which you were banned.

01:50:56 : Group: Huck Davis: *STARTS LICKING*
01:51:12 : Group: Huck Davis: *SPITS IN ARSEHOLE
03:09:48 : Group: Huck Davis: THEY wanna kill jews..
05:21:16 : Group: Huck Davis: JEW
06:07:12 : Group: Huck Davis: FUCKING ONE BANG
06:08:35 : Group: Huck Davis: FUCK U 
06:10:05 : Group: Huck Davis: THATS OKAY WANKER

There is also an extreme amount of unnecessary OOC chatter in the logs from you. I would post it all but it would take up more than a page.

Here is a sample:

01:31:02 : Group: Huck Davis: //look at twitch theres a killing goin down
01:43:11 : Group: Huck Davis: // IS YOU GUYS STREAM DOWN
01:48:47 : Group: Huck Davis: // long dat means i gotta DL it
01:49:26 : Group: Huck Davis: //then ive gotta back out of game dough 
01:49:46 : Group: Huck Davis: // allow dat fam, manz aint got tyme ya get mi ? 
01:50:05 : Group: Huck Davis: //safe bruv
01:54:50 : Group: Huck Davis: // GOING for a tomtit
03:23:59 : Group: Huck Davis: // foreal im an actual jew u fucks
03:24:17 : Group: Huck Davis: // cunts
03:28:17 : Group: Huck Davis: // wheres your mic lee 
03:42:37 : Group: Huck Davis: // AYE
03:50:37 : Group: Huck Davis: // full rights he attacked u 
04:09:13 : Group: Huck Davis: //errmmm all night 
04:09:25 : Group: Huck Davis: //nope 

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Guest HuckleBerry

Yeah i can understand how all that can come across as disgusting behavior & I fully understand why I've been banned for that reason I to would do the same but what was said is all just banter between friends and most of it was over voice, I just totally forgot and wrote stupid things in chat. I'm obviously taking full responsibility for my action and the best i can do is apologize to anyone whom I offended. So if this is a full stuck perm banned I'd like to say playing in the servers for the time was there and not writing idiotic things was a blast and keep on keeping up the great work guys.

Finally thank you for your response.

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Hi HuckleBerry

I am shocked by your OOC-'chat' and about what you wrote.

You also admitted you did this via voice with your friends, which makes it even worse.

What you wrote was not only unneeded and against the rules, it was and it still is disgusting.



We take roleplay very serious. You clearly don't.

DayZRP ends here for you.


Appeal denied. Ban will hold.

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