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Hello fellow survivors. If you can Hear this please help me. When the Virus spread out and the towns were in Chaos I lost my 2 brothers. Their Names : Dakshe and Tetshe. They should be now around 21 and 27 years old. Please If u saw them or heard about them please Tell them that I Love them and that Im still looking for them. And that Im still thirsty to revenge our parents....

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While organizing the contents behind the bar, Amy pauses to listen to the random and brief radio transmission. After all, entertainment in the dark days comes in the most simple forms.

Without responding, Amy puts pen to paper to write down a couple more names on a long list.

"More names to add to the list," she remarks to herself in the dim light of a gas-powered lantern. One day this list will prove worth the time and effort. One day, this information will be utilized.

Until then...

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*soft radio static appears on the radio channel and a heavily russian accented voice comes through*

Comrade, you should not hunt for revenge, but for survival. Revenge will cloud your mind and make enemies where you do not want them to be. Be cautious and travel light, for bandits lay everywhere. Search for your brothers and hide with them. That is all I can do to help you for now.

*radio static dissapears as Alexei turns off his radio, softly sighs and lights up a cigarette as he walks out of the edges of Zelengorsk*

Peace be with you fool.

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She plays with her radio, cheking all the frequencies, and when she hear this transmission, she stops herself to listen, then sighs pretty loudly before pull down the talking button...

Stop seeking revenge! You see all that shit we are in!? You really think you will have time to track down whoever you're angry with!? You better save your time to stay alive!

She releases the talking button, before putting back her radio in her pocket. A CDF military runs towards her after he heards the shouts.

Everything is OK, miss Nathalie?

Yeah it's... uh... I'm just... mad hearing that people are still seeking revenge instead of helping people...

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Maybe its not the Correct thing to look for revenge But u dont Know me u dont Know how I suffered you dont Know anything about me!! The only thing which make me stand up every morning and Not killen myself is my thirst for revenge and that I have to find my brothers. Revenge is my Life!!

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Siris listens to the radio crackle to life. He puts his disassembled Cr75 on the desk and picks up the radio.

"If you plan on seeking revenge, dig 2 graves. That or get grenades. Yea, they seem to do the trick."

[The radio goes static for a moment. You can hear another man yelling. "Siris did you steal my fucking radio again?]

"My point is lad that death is a bloody business. Lots of nasty things can kill you in this world. Worry about finding your brothers, not trying to find your grave site."

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