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i need a bit of help with my application


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The following NLR explanations were incorrect or not sufficiently explored: Zone and Time you can not enter after death, Metagame - announce death The following KoS explanations were incorrect or not sufficiently explored: The requirements associated with contacting your victim (compliance/non compliance). Your responsibilities towards a victim/hostage. When and for what reasons you can take revenge. How you can share KoS rights.

so my application was sooo good and everyone i talked to say that it was good but when i posted it they told me it was no good for this reason and im sure i gave it my all with explaining no kos someone please help me

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  • Titanium

Post your exact explanation you used in this thread so we can have a look over it.

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  • Emerald

OP I am going to mark this as solved for now but this answer here seems sufficient enough for the issue at hand, if you have any more questions don't be afraid to hop into teamspeak and consult with a staff member:)



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