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Signature Test and Feedback

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  • Sapphire

Its working rather well, and its nice to see you have the right size too

Edit: oh shit i tought you had the signature xD

well as stated above, 100posts or donate

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The signature is very nice man, it looks awesome! Good job! And about setting it as signature, i'm not 100% sure, since i'm new here, but I think it's a feature only some ranks have, so you must be in certain groups HERE to be able to set it. I hope this helped you ;)

EDIT: Wow! I thought I was the first one :D Anyway, now you found out, 100 posts on the forum and you will have the option ;)

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  • Sapphire

you need 100 posts on the forum to use it or donate


Also it looks good.

Edit:I made a mistake.

he said he is having trouble figuring out how to use it

Ya, I though he had it as part of his sig. But I was mistaken and edited my post. But my ninja edit skills were not fast enough.

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