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First Couple Days on DayZRP

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My first couple days on DayZRP have been pretty interesting to say the least. The first couple hours seemed like regular DayZ besides the fact that I wasn't getting shot everytime I seen a person. I got a bunch of gear right before the server reset and I logged out then cameback into fast and lost my character. I started over was kinda upset but at least I could blame it on myself. So I started off with my new character walking right down the highway towards cherno then boom I meet a guy asking for a ashwood stick. He said he was trying to make a bow and I said I didn't have one, waited a second, mustered up my courage and asked if he wanted to try to make bows together. He agreed and I proceeded to have the best 2 hours of dayZ I have ever played. I accidentally ate a raw piece of meat off a cow me and "Alan" hunted and got extremely sick and was unconcious for like 15 mins but Alan pulled through and revived me to full health. Eventually we both had to logout for IRL reasons. But I want to thank Alan and DayZ RP for finally letting me have fun with this game.

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As long as you don't develop a taste for raw flesh, I think you will be fine. I'm happy that you experienced such a unique interaction almost immediately. I've been doing my best to befriend survivors on other servers and create this RP situations but it only is effective around 25% of the time. So I cannot wait to experience these rich characters and crazy mofos on a daily basis. RP here i come!

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For my first week or two on this game, I literally never ran into anyone. The only places I knew thanks to the Public servers were secluded places to gear up so that I wasn't outright killed. Once I came here I met a great guy who helped me travel around and get a feel for role-playing with others on the servers.

If you ever are hoping to connect with the people you talk to that you didn't get information for, or just want to share your story, this is a great place to do it:


Thanks to it I found the guy John I had been playing with the day before, but my machine had crashed, and wasn't able to log back on in time to catch him. I hope you have plenty more great days on the servers in your future!

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Within the first twenty minutes of my time on the rp server I had a player running away from me due to my characters personality. We ended up being friends and helping each other survive was great. I really enjoyed the rp we had. We then parted ways only to meet again at GM. What a wonderful reunion it was. Unfortunately we were separated when bandits tried to rob us and we ran different directions. Here's to hoping you're still alive Buck!

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