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What's up you handsome role players. I just put in my application so I'm currently staring mindlessly at my inbox awaiting the verdict. My eyes are beginning to bleed but I don't care. Since my friend alieb929 got accepted, all I have been thinking about is losing myself in the world of DayZ with other passionate gamers. I'm thoroughly impressed with how extensive and lively this community is. I've been playing some form of DayZ for almost 3 years now and I've been a part of several groups in the past. Due to school and other unavoidable real life problems, I was forced to part ways with those groups. But even when I'm not playing DayZ, I'm watching people play DayZ on twitch. When I'm not watching people play DayZ, I am thinking about DayZ. I like DayZ. So anyways I am looking forward to hear back from you guys. I cannot wait to get in there and unleash crazy role playing havoc on Chernarus.

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Well it won't be in your inbox, it'll be on your whitelist page.

But yeah, good luck. It'll take a while as we have A LOT of new people everyday.

Regardless, PARTY OOOONNN!

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