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My name Brett

Guest legit

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My name Brett! I am a friendly dayz standalone player looking to expand my dayz experience. Ill be honest I am really hammered right now so I don't know how to fill out white whitelist app. Ill get to that tomorrow. Anyways I've seen role playing videos on youtube and I think id be great at it and have a good time. My steam name is Brett but im going to change it to legit22 tomorrow so look for me and add me. I'll finish this up tomorrow but like i said im super hammered and typing this out to make sense has been really hard so bear with me im in college.

love, BigB/legit,legit22,brett,yodaddy

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  • Sapphire

Hey Legit/Brett! Welcome to the community! Yeah, your better off doing the application when not you are not intoxicated.

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