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Strange scenario I thought about.


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  • MVP

So let just say I meet someone willing to trade anything for my Mosin for example.We talk and decide that if he'll give me 4 boar steaks I'give him me Mosin.

A plot twist happens as when I take the meat I know OOC that it is human, but IC i have no idea.After some time I eat the steak and become a cannibal even though I don't want to.

Q:So is trading human meat as boar/cow/deer etc. against the rules?

I'll say no but I want to be sure as in the rules it says "Do not force any permanent status effect on other characters without explicit permission.This includes forcing them to eat human meat, scarring them in a visible place, removing body parts or otherwise permanently harming them."

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  • Sapphire

He didn't force you. You guys traded. IC you don't know that is human meat. So it is fine.

There are couple of threads that discuss this



Check them out!

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Just my opinion on the matter. I wouldn't see it as against the rules as they are not force feeding it to you and ooc you are aware of the consequences of eating it. It would make for some good potential RP I think for encounters with them and others you encounter with your new sickness.

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  • Emerald

To be honest I think its up to each individuel to decide what they're gonna do.. The tricky part is that he is not forcing you to eat it.. If I ever came in this situation I would act suspicious and tell the trader I've never seen animal meat like this (not sure how human meat would look like in this case) .. Or maybe you have no clue that it's human meat?

Maybe it would be a bit metagamimg yeah, but in this case i think its okay to consider because it has such a huge aftereffect on your character .. And besides that, people on the other hand will metagame that you are a stone cold killer who eats human..

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  • MVP

Thanks for clearing it out for me.If no one feels different about this situation then I believe my question has been answeared.

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  • MVP

Thanks for clearing it out for me.If no one feels different about this situation then I believe my question has been answeared.

I 100% agree with above. You don't have to eat the meat so he hasn't forced anything on you.

If you are suspicious you could question them, maybe "This meat smells funny"


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  • Legend

You'd trade a mosin for a few pork steaks? What the hell is WRONG with you! :troll:

Srsly tho, I despise the popularity of the whole cannibalism thing, and I'm OK with this scenario. The guy you traded with is a right bastard, but your character has no way of knowing it. From an RP perspective, I'd eat the meat, even knowing OOC that it's human. If Kuru symptoms manifest, my character would seek out the reason for these strange effects, and if he discovered the truth, he'd have reason to hunt down that guy who tricked him into eating the human meat. Could be a springboard for all kind of great RP.

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