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Dumbest thing ever CA. Senate Bill No. 199


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  • Emerald


Thankfully we are not effected by this immediately, but airsoft as a whole will change because of this.

The airsoft hot spot of the US is California so most suppliers will need to move to other states in order to successfully market their weapons. It ruins the market for airsoft in California and will definitely impact the lives of many players/distributes.

Honestly this bill is retarded because it only harms an industry and will not impact safety a ton.


This shoots single shot 22lr


The media is as bias as ever but with no real research

Quoted from paragraph three of CBS Sacramento's article on this

"Airsoft guns are replica firearms that fire plastic pellets, paper balls or eraser chunks."

If they had any knowledge of what they were talking about this uneducated quote wouldn't be in here. (couldn't fit my eraser chunks in my AK mag:( )


This is another article from the opposites stance (they reference De Leon in this so i got the vid 4 u guys)


(they reference De Leon in this so I got the vid 4 u guys)

As an airsoft player this made me super sad to see my favorite hobby destroyed by idiotic politicians :(

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  • MVP

Stupid pile of leftist police-state bullshit. Banning assault weapons? Comprehend able, but still illegal and dangerous. Banning airsoft guns?

All they are ultimately doing is making people more aware about their plans.

Here is the mastermind of this pile of crap. So fed up with this. -Edit- Just saw the vid was in the op. Hoping more people will click on it.


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I love that quote.

“Capable of firing a 30 caliber magazine clip to disperse with 30 bullets in half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.”


honestly, if I didn't love pretty much everything else about this state, I would move. these people scare me how dumb they are

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  • Sapphire

You see this all the time. Politicians and FBI agents saying " With minimal knowledge this can be converted to a fully automatic assault weapon" When they have no idea how it works. Its really sad that our country has fallen into this "Gun Fear" and is loosing focus on the real problems.

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  • Sapphire

So what is this bill actually doing? just making you paint your airsoft guns a stupidly bright colour so they are not mistaken for a real one?

I thought this was already a thing that they had to be either brightly coloured or if they wasnt that all "replica" airsoft guns were supposed to be hidden in bags or out of sight so the local authorities dont mistake them for the real thing and end up shooting a someone holding a "toy".

This is pretty much the same as what we have in the UK you're allowed airsoft guns but they have to be painted a bright colour to distinguish them from real weapons if you lack the license and plan on carrying them around openly in public. However they can still be unpainted and look somewhat real if you register that you have one and have the license for it which costs virtually nothing but you still cant carry them around openly in public because you may scare people who cant tell the difference. Is this still going to be a thing in CA? IE you can get a license and you will be fine or do they all have to be green/orange etc. after this passes? I cant seem to find any exceptions in the links.

I can see why they think it would help but in reality i can get some bright coloured spray paint and do the same to a real gun and then they would be none the wiser really especially if im planning a crime its even better if they think iv only got a toy....

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Hello Kitty themed AR-15s and AK-47s exist. They're bright pink, have cats* with bows all over them... and otherwise are perfectly functional rifles. So what are they trying to accomplish? Police need to treat all firearm-looking objects as firearms, regardless if they're brightly painted or not.


* I know Kitty White isn't technically a cat, but I still call her a cat.

Also the way the new law is written, a caliber change to 5 or 7 mm would completely sidestep all restrictions.

Plus, all you need to do to sell an existing gun is paint the trigger guard orange and put a piece of 2 cm wide orange tape around the pistol grip and you're fine. For rifles you have to paint the trigger guard and put tape on two of the following: stock, pistol grip, and magazine.

It's not the end of airsoft. You just need orange on the muzzle, trigger guard, and some 2 cm wide orange tape.

Regarding the bands, "The adhesive bands described in paragraph (4) of subdivision (b) shall be applied in a manner not intended for removal, and shall be in place on the airsoft gun prior to sale to a customer."

And remember the existing law generally prohibits anyone from purchasing, selling, manufacturing, shipping, transporting, distributing, or receiving. Nothing prevenuts you from painting over the orange tip, trigger guard, and removing the adhesive tape. I'm not sure if I would personally though because one less thing that could get me shot is nice. I also don't live in CA and only use my airsoft M9 to practice draws, reloads, and close range shooting indoors.

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