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help with understanding kos


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I'm needing help understanding this section of the kos rules

You may only share KoS rights when you meet both of the following conditions:

◾You are within 500 meters of the hostile situation at the time of occurrence

◾You were recently apart of the involved parties group.

I understand the first part but the second part is a head scratcher for me

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  • Emerald

You have to be involved with the group in some way.

For example: If I am running by myself for an hour, and randomly see some guy get initiated on, I can't kill them without an initiation, because I am not involved.

However, lets say I was traveling with a guy I met for an hour, then while we're looting independently he gets initiated on. Because I was with the guy, I can kill his captor without initiating.

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  • Emerald

No problem :)


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  • Legend

Doesn't help that "apart" should read "a part". It's been pointed out before that that one small typo actually changes the meaning of the phrase. Plz fix.

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