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Cant Wait!!!

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I have had the game for 1 week, almost fed up with the KOS stuff. I have tried to experience this game like its real, and with most players out there its impossible. Came across this site, watched some vids, and feel like this is going to be a welcome change. Haven't got the chance to role play since D&D, Gurps, Car Wars (Board games) etc. For most of you that's before your time. Cant wait to have to explain to my kid and spouse WTF I'm talking about through my headphones. Hell I have daydreamed all day at work on how I am going to play my character. I just know this is going to be EPIC! Does anyone ever get approved within a day or two? I have 5 kids at the house and with Thursday off, Wednesday is my late night to game? Hope to see soon......Slink

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  • Sapphire

Hey Slinkaaay! Welcome to the community! Some people. like myself, get approved within a day or two. You just have to be very specific when explaining the rules, show you know and understand how to create a story based on your character, and enjoy yourself when doing so.

Be sure to read this too http://www.dayzrp.com/faq

Also, look through some of the pinned threads and unpinned threads here http://www.dayzrp.com/f-guides-and-tutorials

I wish you luck your application. If for any reason you need help or don't understand, send me a PM, I'll gladly help you or you can go on TS and ask for help there.


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