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Possible to re-do

Red K

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Okay so, I submitted a application 2 days ago and it has yet to be reviewed, but as I go through the forums I got more ideas and realized I have left a thing or two out, would I be able to re-do the application right now or do I have to wait till it gets reviewed/rejected? I've been waiting a day and a half to re-do it but it's still #1 in queue...


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  • Sapphire

Once it is reviewed, if rejected, you can re-do it.

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  • Emerald

As stated above once its reviewed and if its rejected you will have a chance to fix your mistakes, you get 3 tries to whitelist so use them wisely, besides that welcome to the community and if you have anymore question don't be afraid to hop into teamspeak and consult an admin:)


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