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Guest Kevurmo

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

Well I am not here to argue if the verdict is or is not fair am here to ask for a second chance. I understand this is big to ask for as since my time here in dayzrp I have been banned a few times, some being just stupid human error mistakes which I apologized for knowing I was in the wrong. My two latest bans one being me griefing someone's hard work and time that they put in to the game, which i apologized for and was truly sorry for and not because I got caught in the act it was because i realized it was stupid and I wasted that persons hard work. The other being baiting although it wasn't my intention to bait, these both was clear rule breaks and put me to 2 ban strikes.

With being on such high warning level I didn't want to risk my place in the community so I decided to take a break on RP reflect on what i done and improve but i never had the chance to as I was then permanently removed few days later.

In my source of punishment it says i was banned for disregard of role play and community rules now I never was disregarding them I respect them, I have never been that flamer trolly person that's constantly picking at staff and the community about how it's run. I understand getting rid of the bad apples on the tree but I don't know how I could be seen as one, those who know me in the community will know that I don't disregard the community or the rules as I enjoyed being a part of it.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Well over a month ago I was banned with 2 others (Enar and the limited) at first I wasn't sure as of why so I spoke with rampage about it, he didn't know too much about it only thing that came up at the time was me being too pvp focussed. Then I was told by a few friends that the Limited had posted a video of me breaking a rule which I had already received a punishment for (I had no idea he was going to post that). I am not entirely sure if video posted by the Limited was another reason for my ban but at the time it seemed like it as all those in the video was banned for the same reasons.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

To be unbanned given the new final warning system a second chance to become a community member again. Even if this is not accepted I appreciate it that I have been allowed a appeal and I am sorry for if I caused any trouble in the past.

What could you have done better?:

There are many things I could have done better but I feel the short time I have been away from the community I have had a chance to pick up on my errors. One being not involved with the Limited and not made stupid mistakes that I truly regret.

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You have received points for multiple rule breaks that you have performed in game. You were on many occasions involved in situations that tried to exploit the rules in order to get some kills instead of actually role playing. The last two reports you destroyed somebodies hard work by griefing their base for your own satisfaction and the second case, you baited a group so your team could mop up on some easy kills. Also majority if not close to all your posts were involving responses of rule breaks geared toward you. This is proof enough coupled with your recent behavior before your ban, shows how little you care about this community, its members and actual Role Play.

Good Luck elsewhere

Appeal Denied.

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