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Father where are you?

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"Sid 'Schitz' Cunningham" is my name. Camping in the woods of Chernarus isn't a good idea I told my father" but he said we don't have the money we have to pay for your surgery, and it's just your schizophrenia acting up son. Days passed and we were running out of food but worse than that I was out of medication for my schizophrenia and phycosis only two days before my surgery. I needed the meds or the voices would come back "I hate the voices" I couldn't bare to go into town, I would breakdown too many people, so father said he will go by himself he said "stay in the tent I will be back in time for Supper." It has been 5 days since he left, I am completely out of food, the voices are back, The voices only referred Hugo was the first voice (Hugo was also the name of a best friend who moved away at a young age) Hugo always tells me people are coming after me, and to never trust anyone. The second voice was named Marie (Marie was also the name of Sid's dead mother, she died giving birth but Sid never asked about her) Marie always tell Sid to be brave and have courage. (The voices irritate Sid which makes him raise his arm then violently drop it to his side over and over). No food, No Meds, No Security, the only option left is to go find my father, he left me this flashlight to use.

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