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Favorite thing to do in DayZ? or General DayZ favorite things

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Well, while i wait for my application to get reviewed, id figure id chat with you guys.

My favorite thing to do in DayZ is to find a farm grade weapon, minimal gear, and kill a bandit for his gear so im instantly geared :^)

how about you?

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Must somewhat agree with first poster. I love sniping and practicing my aim, getting some awesome kills! I prefer the M4 with ACOG scope and Bipod. So hard to come by nowadays though!

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  • Sapphire

Roleplay of course! Isn't that why we are all here? We love to roleplay!

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My favorite thing to do has to be fishing or farming, I usually like to sit by the roads and offer people food and create a story with them. So far i have actually gotten quite a few people to role play with me on normal DayZ servers, it's just so fun.

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I like to get in the middle of a fight and start choosing who will win and who will die depending on their strafing.

But seriously, finding loot, I'm a loot addict, I always end up checking every house and every corner in every game.

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  • Sapphire

I like trading. I always try to get a good deal with the stuff that I find. I take almost everything and take it with me to see if someone needs it. You never know what people want.

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I enjoy meeting new people. Especially good Rpers.

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Guest alexandru1208

I enjoy roaming night servers and get this feeling of dread as I go in land to visit villages and forests.

Maybe scare a few players who wonder around.

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  • Emerald

RP with friends.

Medical RP.

Driving around with a full tank of gas.

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