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radio chatter

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"you all good back their?" waking up i saw the face of my squad as we were being sent to the city of chernogorsk to help with the situation. our helicopter was swaying quit a bit due to the hi winds frmo that day. "hey you all right?" said our sergeant, Jenner. "you gotta stay awake, we need to be ready for the 'mass hestaria' bull shit theyve been telling us about." i wasnt sure i beleived him then, but after what ive seen it must have happened at some point. the next words i heard was from the pilot. "dammit, my instruments arent responding, and our RPM is dropping. everybody grab a chute and bail. " that was the last i heard from the pilot before i watched him jump and saw his parachut fail to pull, seconds before i pulled mine.

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