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Friend's account disappeared


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So just as the title says, my friend is trying to log in right now, but for some reason his account disappeared.

He can't log in to the website, so I'm posting this to try to see if the admins can help.

His account name is: Thorax

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/Moving to Questions

If he didn't Post outside of the Introductions and Farewells, Forum Games or Off Topic sections at least once per month if he didn't donate then his account would've been pruned for inactivity. He will have to create a new account and re-whitelist on that new account.

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oh wow

This is stated quite clearly :)

He can make a new account and if he was whitelisted, send the same whitelist with a note and he should be accepted

Does this answer your query?

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Hopefully it's easy for him to come back - and make sure he posts this time! :D

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