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  • Sapphire

Congratulations on finding your way to our lovely community! I hope you'll enjoy your time here. I sure did and so did many others.

Definitely read through the sticky topics in the sub-forums (which Samaritan probably has posted already, or will any minute). Not only will this give you an in-depth view on how the daily forum business here goes, it will also help you with creating your whitelist application and once you're whitelisted your first character. :)

Also, don't hesitate to contact people if you're unsure about something. Either send a PM to me or a Community Helper (the orange people), or hop on our Teamspeak (details here) and join the Helpdesk just above the Lobby.

Also - this is important - make sure to post in any other forum section apart from the introductions & farewell and Off-Topic section. If you haven't posted within the initial 30 days of your forum account it will be deleted and you would need to re-apply. Once you got that post count of 1 you don't have to post anymore but the forums offer a lot of opportunities, which no-one wants to miss out.

Anyways, I wish you good luck for your whitelist application and hopefully see you soon in the wastelands! :D



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