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Group Lore Thread

Who are we (OOC)?

We are a cult based around the historical figure, Jakub Cert, whom we believe, achieved immortality as a "Night Stalker" before his eventual demise from the mortal world at the hands of Ataman Simurg by command of his liege, Boyar Karzeg.

Once the reports were heard on the television of the dead people walking, we believed that all the horror in the world stemmed from a reincarnated Karzeg. We believe that through blood collection, whether voluntary or forced, we will revive Jakub Cert and he will lead us to fight Karzeg's creatures and minions and those that would cause harm to us.


  • Reclaim mortal blood for ritual purposes
  • Extricate the ruins of Čertův hrádek (Devil's Castle)
  • Find and capture any remaining Karzeg Dynasty Descendants
  • Find a vessel to make pilgrimage to Utes
  • Find a new Haven to re-cooperate and rebuild our strength and numbers
  • Awaken our fellow Kin and find others whom are willing to join our cause


OOC Information:

- This group is be based on a society of psychopathic pseudo-vampires

- The group will have a full story and lore associated with it, taking into accountDayZRP and ArmaVerse lore (DayZRP SA Lore and Official BI Chernarus History)

- This group will be heavily involved in RP with a continuing story line - hopefully with interactive feuds and friendships based on IG interactions

- Applicants will need to make inquiry via PM once Recruitment is Open and Intro Thread and IG mechanics are satisfactorily completed

- I am looking for help with this thread in regards to layout, grammar and picture editing. PM if interested in helping me. :)

- Remember, the group is still in heavy WIP atm.



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  • Sapphire

I liked the story, it was nice.. What exactly do you mean when you write "This group is to be based on a society of psychopathic pseudo-vampires"?

pseudo-vampires in short are basically fake vampires

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Ah. Thanks for explaning that. What purpose do you think that this group will fill in the game, OP? Something similar to The Family or how is this gonna work? It is indeed an interesting idea you got there.

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Some different RP than those based upon political or survival ideologies. This group is meant to represent a cult of people who some how think they are vampires of a past historical link. Call it hysteria or mania but the End of the World can really bring out the worse in people. I thought I'd try and do something different and believe me - its gonna be hard to try and rationalise and justify this but I think with enough time, effort and help - it will be a great project!

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Guest killsumbud

Oh dang. I extracted the Unholy Relic the other day. I tripped over it, and was like wha.. I then met with five psychopathic pseudo-werewolves who helped me get it out. You can change your goal to extricate it from Sam Sweetwater.

j/k good luck on the group.

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  • Sapphire

This could be an insanely well done group if done in good sense.

You could try to take some things from vampires and royalty, like being more formal and self concerned.

But with that said, Good luck, cant wait to see what you become :)

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  • MVP

Where the hell was this damn group at the end of Amy's DayZRP Mod life? xD

Love it. IDGAF, but vampires vs. zombies is my thing, even if the term "vampire" is used loosely, in this case. The reason I joined DayZRP was inspiration for an Amy Strange series that involved a vampire/ghoul situation.

It's not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it!

+1. will be looking forward to seeing you guys develop this further. <3

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What is the status on this group and do you have the min requirements?

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  • Emerald

Well... pseudo-vampires. Okay thats something new!

Defenatelly! Gonna be very confusing to see such thing IC. My character would defenatelly stay away from these ones....

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  • Titanium

/archiving as requested

PM a Moderator+ if you want this re-opened

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