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Hello everyone :) I'm from Europe, Serbia and I just registered and made a whitelist application. Hope that everything will go well. I look forward to playing some role play dayz. This game needs more of the servers like these. Makes a great game even more greater. Hope you all doing well. Come over and say hello if you want. hehehe...

- Robb Stark

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Judging by your name I think this won't end well for you


Welcome though!

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I'm sure that I can come up with other names for in-game role play. If that's what you meant :) @Tamaster It just took me long time to read all rules and to complete the application. I was mind blown by the seriousness of the community and the size of it. Anyway, thanks for welcome guys and stay safe in Chernarus.

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Guest donChimero

Hello Everybody !!

Looking forward to start playing RP Iv'e played some but thoose servers was not to serious so I hope this is gonna be alot off fun =)

Cya in Chernarus !

Regards / donChimero

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